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  • Get here 24hr alarm monitoring service in your city richmond hill.
	Advanced 24hr Monitoring.

    Whether you are a new installation or are already enrolled in a monitored service, contact us and save.

  • protect your house with security surveillance cameras. Surveillance Cameras.

    Personally verify that everything is all right at home or at the office with Secure Tech security surveillance cameras.

  • Come here and get best security system in your city markham Why do I need a security system?

    Click to read about all the benefits of a security system.

  • upgrade your alarm system in markham Upgrade and Save $$$.

    Click to find out how to upgrade your existing system and save $$.

  • Need help with your system?

    if you need help with your system were here to help.

The Secure Tech Difference
Our Promise to You



How would you would feel knowing your protected against any threats by an award winning security service for what you value most in life

Complete peace of mind and freedom knowing we are always there

Secure tech alarms can help you protect your business and home from theft, vandalism, fire and other security threats. We are family owned and
operated for over 25 years providing award winning service in Greater Toronto area. Our core family values honesty, integrity trust are at the fore
front of our business. Our experts provide flawless installations of security alarms which completely focus on monitoring your home & office
around the clock.

When calling us you will always be answered by a secure tech representative (live person) which gives you the peace of mind knowing we are always there.

To benefit your home or commercial business using the latest high-tech surveillance cameras, fire alarms, burglar alarms & eco friendly led lighting just
give us a call 416-578-2773 to get the most dependable monitoring service installed with ease.

Whatever be your need we have a diverse variety of economical security products designed to prevent break-ins and monitor your home or business
from anywhere in Toronto, Vaughan & Richmond Hill

Our service benefits:
  • Taking the time to qualify your needs to create the best security for you, after all there are no cookie cutter systems in security.
  • Even after the installation we are still your main contact for service meaning everything is done in house no sub contractors.
  • Without any burglary or unwanted entrance worry, you can feel the freedom of go on vacations and leaving your home with ease.
  • Commercial property monitored 24hrs by our trained professionals.
  • Easy to use touch control monitoring & 2 way talking touch screen.
  • Protection using monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors with flood sensors.
  • Deter catch and prosecute internal and external theft. . Consider the fact that you cannot secure your home or office by yourself simple
    solution call your security professionals today and don't settle for less. Get a home security system today to protect your family home
    and office. Security systems are hindrance to intruders & crime.

At 416-578-2773 we assure to protect our Toronto, Richmond Hill and Vaughan clients day & night.

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