Many people have alarm systems at home. However they forget to set the alarm when leaving their homes or when inside during the day or at night. The following tips, recommended by many Police Departments, will help in keeping homes and their occupants secure while in town or on vacation.

  1. Whenever leaving for a vacation, leave one light ON so that the house is not in darkness after sunset.
  2. Stop the newspaper delivery or have a friend/neighbor pick up the newspaper daily, when away from town. A pile of newspapers is a sure giveaway that the occupants are not at home.
  3. Inform the neighbors when leaving home on vacation or otherwise.
  4. Draw all the curtains at night or before leaving so that no one can see the house belongings/valuables.
  5. There should be no glass windows near the door knobs. They are easy to break and open the house.
  6. Secure the window AC’s so that they cannot be removed to enter the house.
  7. Large dog and cat, door openings should be kept secure when not in the house.
  8. Do not post your vacation photographs on Face Book before returning to your residence.
  9. Do not have large bush or shrubs around the house where an intruder can hide.
  10. Have motion sensor external flood lights. These would light up when anyone is near the house.

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All You Need to Know about Security Films

Security films provide an affordable way to decrease glare, reduce energy consumption, keep up privacy,prevent thefts, add a decorative touch, and much more. Hence, security film is an absolute must for your home and office.  In this blog, we will discuss some of the benefits of security films.

Protection from Accidents

Security films act as an invisible shield. It reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage. It is common knowledge that glass is fragile and easily broken. The shattered pieces pose considerable danger to the residents. Security films can keep the pieces together and reduce the risk of a serious injury.

Protection from Natural Disaster

Natural disaster can strike without warning. During violent weather, security film can prevent the glass from shattering. In simple words, extraordinary wind and force can’t shatter them.

Prevent Thefts

It’s no secret that Windows and doors offer little protection from criminals. Security film is an affordable way to prevent forced entry. With security film, no one can unlawfully enter your premises. In fact, they offer 24 hours protection to your property.

If you wish to contact us, please give us a call and our experts will be more than happy to speak with you! We help residential, commercial and governmental clients. From the first consultation to final installation, our experts will meet all your needs. We provide safety films, security film & laminates, UV protection films, anti-graffiti films, etc. We also offer security bars & grills installation, security roll shutters installation, and much more.Call: 416-578-2773 or 905 303 2451.

Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Is your home safe when you go on a long vacation or short weekend getaway? Are you spending your time worrying about the safety of your home? If yes, this blog will definitely help you. Here, we will suggest some ways to protect your home and get peace of mind.

  • Before you leave, you should make sure that all doors and windows are properly locked. This rule applies to garage doors, front doors, basement windows, etc. You would be surprised to know that several people even forget to lock up their front doors. This makes their property vulnerable to break-ins.
  • You should never leave any spare key under a mat. Burglars can easily find these “hidden” keys.
  • You should not announce your vacation plans on the social media. And you should not leave any kind of message on your door. Burglars can take advantage of such information.
  • You can ask a trusted family member or neighbor to check on your home.
  • Make sure that you have a suitable home security system. Our package fits everybody’s budget. And you can save up to 25% on your insurance as well. Our security systems will protect your home from burglary, intrusion and fire.
  • Most importantly, we offer superior local personalized service.

You must follow the above-mentioned steps to improve your home security. In this way, you will enjoy your time away from home. For more information, speak to one of our representatives at416-578-2773 or 905 303 2451. You can also email us at


Advantages of Intercom Systems for Home Security


An intercom system is an important part of home security. It can control access to all entrances, interior offices, elevators, loading docks, parking garages and any prohibited areas.  You can safely confirm the identity of visitors before opening the door. There are many reasons why we should install intercom systems at home or office. Here we will discuss some of these benefits.

Improved Security

Intercom systems can greatly improve the security of your home or office. As these are two-way communication devices, you can identify the visitors before letting him in. Thus, these devices can avoid forceful intrusions and other crimes.


The convenience of being able to find the visitors is another benefit of intercom system.  The latest generation of intercom systems offers crisp audio and clear, up-close video images. So, people can hear and see who is there at the door. You will feel safe in your home as well.

Easy to Install & Affordable

One of the most important benefits is that intercom installation is inexpensive and convenient. That’s the reason an increasing number of people are installing these devices.

Thinking about Getting an Intercom System?

If you want to install intercom system at your place, we can help. We give intercom systems to make sure that you stay safe day and night. Our team is experienced in installing security devices and other security devices.  Talk to our experts for more information on our range of security solutions.  Give us a call at 416-578-2773 or 905 303 2451. Write to us at

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Thinking about getting a home security system? If yes, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some reasons to install a home security system or upgrading your existing home security system. Let’s have a look:

Reason #1:Protect Your Family

Our systems will protect your family day and night. Having a security system in place provides a feeling of safety. This will improve your quality of life as well.

Reason #2:Protect Your Belongings

Whether you are traveling on vacation, or simply at work for the day, know that your home is secure with a monitored security system. Hence, you must invest in security system.

Reason #3: To Detect Smoke and Fire

Home security systems can protect your home from a fire as well. Monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors will keep your home safe.  Most importantly, our home alarm system will monitor your home all the time.

Reason #4:Discounts on Insurance

If you have a home security system, you will get a discount from many insurance companies. Discount rates typically range from 10% to 20%. Talk to your insurance provider for more details.

Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

If your old system needs upgrading, Secure Tech Alarm Systems can help. You only have to call us and our experts will upgrade your system at affordable rates. With us, you will never have to worry about break-ins, home invasions, property crime, vandalism, or fire.

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

LED lighting solutions are leading a revolution. They are affordable, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Most importantly, they are ideal for residential and commercial spaces.There are many such benefits of LED lighting. Here are a few of them:

Long Life

LED lights have exceptional life. A single LED light can last up to 5 times longer.Hence, they can reduce expenses of maintenance and replacement.

Energy Efficient

This is the biggest benefit of LED lighting. They are extremely energy efficient when compared to other lighting methods.  This is especially beneficial for commercial properties.  In simple words, Led offers the highest and most efficient energy savings.

Environment Friendly

LED lights are very Eco-friendly.  They do not have toxic chemicals. LEDs are completely recyclable. They do not emit UV radiations as well. Hence, they are ‘’green’’ or ‘’Eco-friendly’’.  It is definitely a huge step towards a better future.


Moreover, LEDs are affordable as well. They meet the needs of today’s users’ needs. Hence, they have become hugely popular in the market.


LED lights are durable.  They can withstand shocks, vibrations and other external impacts. Hence, they are ideal for commercial usage.

Secure Tech provides Led lighting solutions at affordable prices. We work with residential, commercial and warehouse spaces in a professional and innovative way. Whether the project is big or small, we can do it all.If you want to talk to our experts, give us a call or leave us a message.  Our experts will contact you without any delay.