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Upgrade a Save


Upgrade and Save $$$.


If you already own a system, or have moved into a new house with an alarm installed,
call us and let us show you how we can upgrade your alarm to better protect your home.

Secure Tech specializes in taking over and monitoring existing alarm systems. Yes, in most
cases we can re-use or even upgrade your existing alarm equipment to offer you our great
monitoring services.

Our "Upgrade & Save!" program has helped many homeowners switch to affordable
monitoring rates without compromising service. Call today and speak with one of our
representatives. Find out how Secure Tech can take over your existing system or upgrade
your system to meet your current needs.

Why upgrade your alarm system?

  • You may have an older system that is obsolete and needs to be upgraded for better protection
  • You may have issues with your current alarm system or it may not meet your current needs
  • You may not be happy with your current monitoring service provider
  • Switch to a modern, easy to use, up to date system with the fastest alarm response
  • Superior local and personalized service
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